Celebrate your high street

The Streets is a new and ambitious programme bringing live music and performance to the high streets of six outer London boroughs this summer. The idea is to animate local streets, giving residents and visitors the chance to see and take part in something new and spectacular, using their communal space - the high street - as its stage.

The high street is the heartbeat of the community – a place to trade, talk, socialise and feel a sense of belonging. From dawn until dusk there will be mass percussion events, twilight takeovers in empty shops and musical gems to be discovered in cafés, bars, corner shops and markets.

Music and event producer, Serious, is working with a consortium of boroughs – Waltham Forest, Redbridge, Croydon, Wandsworth, Richmond and Kingston-upon-Thames – to reignite the full potential of the high street, putting cultural activity and commercial priorities together.

The Streets launches on Thursday 9th July, 3.30pm, in Kingston-upon-Thames with Australian percussion star, Ben Walsh, performing in the market place. Currently in residency at the Southbank Centre, Ben will play his spectacular Wheel of Drums – created from recycled material – for a thrilling short performance. A ground-breaking drummer, Ben has performed all over the world, constantly pushing the boundaries of percussion. He encourages everyone to participate and get involved: “to all the people with a small idea in a big city which seems too difficult....just go for it people, just dive into the deep end, into that creative pool”.

The launch in Kingston will be partnered with the International Youth Arts Festival and will also include performances by a number of local artists.

The Streets will continue to launch in the remaining boroughs throughout July with Ben Walsh performing with his Wheel of Drums in a number of high streets: on Friday 10th July at 2pm in Leyton; Saturday 11th July, 1pm in Twickenham; Tuesday 14th July, in Tooting; Thursday 16th July, 1.30pm, in Ilford and Tuesday 28th July, 6pm in South Norwood.

The Streets programme will return in the autumn, becoming part of Festival on the Move in the EFG London Jazz Festival, bringing music to shopping centres, shops, cafés, pubs and libraries, aiming to engage and surprise residents with unexpected performances from a rich artistic offering. Next year The Streets will continue with an explosive Summer Festival and will partner once again with the EFG London Jazz Festival in late 2016.